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Our aim at Local Hi is to ensure that your trip goes smoothly without you having to worry about all those little things that can hamper your holiday, such as finding sim card, local accommodation or figuring out the maze of local trains. We want to help you to feel safe, gain an insight into local language, eat delicious food, and find beautiful new places to explore.

When arriving in India, there can be quite a lot to consider; things like finding sim card, local accommodation or figuring out the maze of local trains, as well as personal safety, gaining an insight into local language, eating the best (and safe) food, and of course finding beautiful new places to explore. We are confident that Local Hi can transform the way people perceive India, and can make the experience of travelling in the country far more streamlined and comfortable. In addition, the website gives tourists the perfect opportunity to meet real locals and to learn about the culture – helping to keep India's ways alive, even as more and more people come to visit the country.

Local Hi works by connecting backpackers and tourists with local Indian people either face to face or through the app, in order to help provide them with real-time information and answers to any questions about India they may have.

We want you to go back home with the best, most enthralling experience of India possible.


Local Hi is an initiative to build a genuine travel community around the world. It's started by the travel enthusiast SuVe and Prax, who personally faced a lot of problem while traveling around. They themselves have travelled extensively and handpicked all the small issues, which creates the hindrance in experiencing great travel feel. They have meticulously noted all of those and planned a simple solution to all those problems so that you can just sit back and enjoy the travel without having to worry anything else

Disclaimer - All the suggestions are created by real locals and the entire price you pay during your travel are identical as paid by local.